Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Travels With Grandpaw" an ebook memoir by David Davis

Travels With Grandpaw is Tuesdays With Morrie--in Boots. I'm ususally known for my picture books, but now I have an ebook memoir for grownups. This is a coming of age story with Texas in the last century as a backdrop. I traveled with my beloved "Grandpaw" Rayond Lacy (1905-97) all across Texas in a relationship that spanned forty-nine years. Grandpaw Lacy taught me about hunting, fishing, and life. We had many adventures-- and you can share them, too. Hear about a Texas Hill Country Christmas in the 1880's as told by an old farmer born in 1869. Corner a wild tomcat in the outhouse with Raymond and his brother, Alton. Visit early 1900's East Texas for a Christmas with a buckboard full of roman candles, a new Barlow pocket knife, music firewater, and a kind old Cherokee named Joe. Watch a marathon skeet shooting contest between Grandpaw and an arrogant big time skeet shooter with a golden Beretta shotgun. Go with us to Indianola, Texas as we encounter a dancing duck thief. Attend my father's country wake in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Ride along with Grandpaw and his band in 1920 when they play a rural dance--and have to fend off a gang of troublemakers and a vicious pit bull. Stand beside Grandpaw as he battles four young hoodlums--when he's in his eighties! This book is about growing up, growing old, and the wheel of life, but mostly it is about laughter--and Raymond Lacy, an unbribed soul.


Shirley said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm on my third year and I've enjoyed it. Finally building a following--and getting review books, too! Hope you enjoy it.

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