Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doing a Fandango Because the First Printing of Fandango Stew Has Sold Out!

Okay, so this is shameless promotion. Well, actually, it isn't. It is unbridled joy! The Sterling Publishing  folks informed me yesterday that the first printing of my picture book Fandango Stew has sold out. There are still some in stores but the Sterling warehouse cupboards are bare according to my source.  It is my first book with them, and they have been a class act all the way through the process. My editor guided the creation in a masterful way. Ben Galbraith did a remarkable job on the illustrations. The production values were second to none. The promotion was great. (And that's saying something these days.) All and all, it has been a blessing from beginning to end. Now, I hope The Green Mother Goose, a book I co-wrote with Jan Peck, does as well. It looks like it will. Earth Day should help tell the tale. Life is good and I'm thankful.


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