Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've got politics covered with The Green Mother Goose!

The local Barnes and Noble gave former First Lady, Laura Bush, a copy of "The Green Mother Goose" and I sent a copy to former Vice President Gore, because I appreciate what he did to get us talking about the environment. So, I guess you could say I have the whole political landscape covered. Of course the lunatics may want to see my birth certificate

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doing a Fandango Because the First Printing of Fandango Stew Has Sold Out!

Okay, so this is shameless promotion. Well, actually, it isn't. It is unbridled joy! The Sterling Publishing  folks informed me yesterday that the first printing of my picture book Fandango Stew has sold out. There are still some in stores but the Sterling warehouse cupboards are bare according to my source.  It is my first book with them, and they have been a class act all the way through the process. My editor guided the creation in a masterful way. Ben Galbraith did a remarkable job on the illustrations. The production values were second to none. The promotion was great. (And that's saying something these days.) All and all, it has been a blessing from beginning to end. Now, I hope The Green Mother Goose, a book I co-wrote with Jan Peck, does as well. It looks like it will. Earth Day should help tell the tale. Life is good and I'm thankful.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Teaching an Old Dog Old Tricks

The Young Underground Comicist

     I read about the young writer Amanda Hocking scoring a million bucks with her ebook the other day. It got me all juiced up about them. I've been reading everything I can find on the topic and experimenting with the new format. I don't write fantasy like that young lady., but I decided to publish my memoir "Travels With Grandpaw" on my own. I figure I'm old enough to have enough memories for a memoir. (I'm closer to the end than to the beginning.) And if it passes the "so what?" test, perhaps some folks will download it.

     It has been quite a learning curve for me. What with Kindle, Nook, i phone, Sony, and all that jazz. And the directions for uploading this sort of file to make it that sort of file can give a baby boomer quite a headache. I wasn't born with a computer chip in my mouth, so I have to use the trial and error method. I'm one of those guys that can read the directions and still not know what in blazes they are talking about.

     The bright spot in all this is that ebooks have revived a wonderful feeling I have not had for years. The sheer joy of creating and publishing on my own.

     Let me explain.

     When I was a kid I loved writing and drawing comics for my friends. There were no copiers then, so you had to hand draw up to six copies of each comic to pass around. That meant drawing them with pencil, and then inking them with india ink. (It was a real drag when the teacher confiscated all of them before anyone got to read them.) I was never a pro at comic books, but the unbridled joy of creation warmed my heart. When I was older I still self-published comics. I used to sell them through "Factsheet Five" etc. I got more fun out of doing that then all the paid cartoon jobs I had.

     I've been lucky enough to have lots of picture books published. I really enjoy doing it, but nothing approaches the bliss I have with self-publishing cartoons and old family tales online. So, ebooks are going to become sort of a hobby of mine now. I sure won't make a million like Ms. Hocking, but it is a gas writing these little tomes for my own pleasure. It feels like the old days again.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Texas Library Association Convention

I had a great time at TLA in Austin. My picture books Fandango Stew and Green Mother Goose (written with Jan Peck) sold out, but it was sort of bittersweet for me. I talked to so many Texas librarians who are afraid for their jobs. Already many have been laid off. The state gives tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations--so then there is not enough revenue. (The middle and lower classes can't bankroll everything all by themselves.) Then, the powers that be scream crisis and cut the school budget. We are on a lunatic race to the bottom. Locally, statewide, and nationally. God bless our librarians...and God help our state and country if this continues.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Trust Anyone Under Sixty

An eighth grade girl is caught in the culture war between her old hippie grandmother and her wing-tipped banker dad with hilarious results.Visit the pink house with ten pink flamingos, fifty wind chimes, no TV, and an ancient cooking stove called "The Iron Maiden." Peace brother!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Travels With Grandpaw" an ebook memoir by David Davis

Travels With Grandpaw is Tuesdays With Morrie--in Boots. I'm ususally known for my picture books, but now I have an ebook memoir for grownups. This is a coming of age story with Texas in the last century as a backdrop. I traveled with my beloved "Grandpaw" Rayond Lacy (1905-97) all across Texas in a relationship that spanned forty-nine years. Grandpaw Lacy taught me about hunting, fishing, and life. We had many adventures-- and you can share them, too. Hear about a Texas Hill Country Christmas in the 1880's as told by an old farmer born in 1869. Corner a wild tomcat in the outhouse with Raymond and his brother, Alton. Visit early 1900's East Texas for a Christmas with a buckboard full of roman candles, a new Barlow pocket knife, music firewater, and a kind old Cherokee named Joe. Watch a marathon skeet shooting contest between Grandpaw and an arrogant big time skeet shooter with a golden Beretta shotgun. Go with us to Indianola, Texas as we encounter a dancing duck thief. Attend my father's country wake in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Ride along with Grandpaw and his band in 1920 when they play a rural dance--and have to fend off a gang of troublemakers and a vicious pit bull. Stand beside Grandpaw as he battles four young hoodlums--when he's in his eighties! This book is about growing up, growing old, and the wheel of life, but mostly it is about laughter--and Raymond Lacy, an unbribed soul.

Blog I Must

My friends say I ought to blog, so here goes. I make no pretense of sharing wisdom, but I hope some of what I say and do will help you enjoy the ride. I'll talk about whatever is on my mind-not just about writing.I'll post a bit of shameless promotion. (I have to earn my frijoles.) I'll post on a "when I want to" basis. As far as setting up who I'm following, or who is following me, I can use any help I can get. I don't really understand how all that works. Now, I'm off to get some more coffee. Over and out.