Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basil and Robert

I am a cartoonist of sorts. I did political cartoons for a couple of papers in years past. I still enjoy cartoon art and I got two different takes on the Bible from two of my comic heroes. Basil Woolverton first crossed my eyeballs in Mad Magazine when I was a kid. I copied his grotesque faces and loved them because grownups didn' I was surprised to learn that Basil was a high ranking member of the"cult like" Herbert Armstrong church that was popular in the forties, fifties, and sixties. Basil did part of the Bible in comic book form for the church and the result is stunning. His eccentric style is a beauty to behold whether you believe or not. I found this hardback copy on ebay for a very good price.

Robert Crumb is an artist I discovered during the wild and wooly sixties. His style of comic art is one you can spot the first time you see a drawing. He's done everything from underground comics to greeting cards. Fans of his other work may be surprised to find that he does the book of Genesis "straight." He just tells the complete story start to finish--and does a very good job. The most fundamentalist believer will find nothing to object to in this book--and the comic art lover will find page after page of artistic delights. Not to be missed. These two comic artists were two of my heroes when I was learning to draw. They are finally getting the respect for their art and their craftsmanship they deserve. If you love black and white penwork don't miss these two masters. Now, If I can just find a good book of the work of Jack Davis...


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